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Sponsorship Canada Partner WIM Canada Advancing Women's Motorsport Participation in Canada

Partner Spotlight WIM Canada

In this week’s Partner Spotlight, we highlight WIM Canada (Women in Motorsport Canada), a member of the FIA (governing body of motorsport) with the objective of increasing equality and participation in motorsport amongst girls and women in Canada and across the world. The mission of WIM Canada is to “demonstrate” that women are recognized by the highest international body responsible for motorsport, “educate” Canadians that motorsport is open to women in a variety of roles, “promote” women’s capabilities and potential as well as “develop” programs to encourage greater participation of women in motorsport.

In promoting career pathways for women to be successful in motorsport, WIM Canada envisions opportunities for women to serve as mentors and inspiration to other girls to participate in motorsports at all levels. The vision also encompasses an opportunity to teach leadership skills, health, and social benefits of sport, to see Canadian women rise to the top of international racing podiums, and to meet the Government of Canada’s mandate for gender equality in sport by 2035.

Efforts of WIM Canada advancing women in the sport could be seen at the Montreal Formula 1 race, where it successfully launched an event hosting an interactive exhibit in the Fan Zone inside the F1 circuit. Called the WIM Canada “Girls Zone / Zone des Filles,” the zone provided a kart simulator, a kart build activity to learn about kart mechanics and an autograph table for several autograph sessions. With over 225 girls and women experiencing the racing simulator, attendees at the exhibit were provided with information about having a career in motorsport, a career as a motorsport volunteer and getting involved in their local racing community in Canada.

As a result of the successful event, WIM Canada drew the attention of other sanctioning bodies, race promoters and corporate partners across Canada, highlighting its impact on the advancement in women’s motorsport participation.


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