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REVXM and it's Sponsorship Brokerage Division Sponsorship Canada Partner with e-sports Leaders

REVXM, is proud to announce a partnership with the world’s most vibrant communities for competitive gaming, WorldGaming Network (“WGN”) and Collegiate StarLeague (“CSL”).

Under the terms of the agreement, Sponsorship Canada will be tasked with revenue generation and partnership activations in select markets.

REVXM was formed with eye-sight on the future, the digital dawn, and an anticipation of how habits will change rapidly,” said Bill Gaskey, Managing Partner of REVXM. “Esports is at a tipping point and we are ecstatic to partner with such an innovative platform, with tremendous momentum and exponential upside.”

The e-sports ecosystem is growing at a torrid pace with an estimated audience size in 2020 of approx. 495 Million viewers, gross revenues spent of approx. $1.06 billion and media billings alone of roughly $163 Million for the year, according to Statista.

About REVXM. Founded June 1st, 2020, REVXM was created to provide a new lens on events and sponsorship and uncover how technology and innovation can play a role in the current environment and as we evolve into the future. As part of its offerings, REVXM also provides digital content creation for partners that are looking to strengthen their digital and virtual game plans. REVXM also houses Sponsorship Canada which is a leader in sponsorship asset evaluation, naming rights sales, and revenue generation for venues, events, and properties.

About WGN/CSL. WGN and CSL College are competitive gaming companies and brands having a great legacy in inspiring aspiring gamers, players, and audiences in the burgeoning realm of esports. WGN and CSL have welcomed over 3 million gamers, combined, since inception and have rewarded over $60 Million in prize money.

World Gaming Network is a broadly accessible competitive play and tournaments platform providing players a proving ground and a ‘Path to the Pros’. It is a free platform for gamers to connect, compete and have fun.

Collegiate StarLeague (“CSL”) is the leading provider of collegiate esports leagues, tournaments, and support for collegiate esports programming/development in the US & Canada. Over 1800 colleges and universities, and over 11,000 teams representing their schools, compete in 10+ CSL collegiate leagues having multiple divisions per league to afford players of all skill levels the opportunities to compete and have fun.

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