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It Can be Anything

We’re so incredibly proud to release our short film to the world. This has been a year in the making!

Rachel has an intellectual disability and has been an artist for over 8 years. She loves to draw and create. The images, shapes, and feelings you embody when looking at her work is truly special. While she has a hard time communicating verbally, her art has a way of connecting with people and communicating on a whole other level.

The film is an inter-dimensional journey of creativity through the lens of Rachel’s drawings. Her work represents a unique and vast creative landscape to explore. More importantly, her philosophical outlook establishes an open-mindedness and inclusivity that is both beautiful and inspiring. Our intention was to leverage that outlook and use her phrase "It Can Be Anything" as a mantra to steer us through her journey.

Cast & Crew: Starring Rachel Doucette Directed by Ryan Bergmann Produced by Joaquin Cardoner, Marsha Doucette Design, Animation & Direction by Good Form Written by Nick Blagrave Music & Sound Design by Jeff Moberg Additional Design & Animation by Emilie Muszczak & Jonathan Reyes

Executive Producers: Tom Hitchman Lee Anne Downey Carolyn Keystone Jim Meekison Bruce & Vladka Mitchell Christopher Bergmann

Producers: Blythe Ward David Bowker Terry & Bonnie Jackson Rachel Doucette Peter Schmidt

In Partnership with: Special Olympics Ontario The Art Gallery of Ontario

Special Thanks: Mark & Vanessa Mulroney Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited Lia Bruschetta Rafael Nicolas Fermin Cota Mark & Paul Etherington

What first started as a concept for a film, turned into an art workshop program for intellectually disabled Canadians, virtually hosted by the Art Gallery of Ontario. 'It Can Be Anything' is about inclusivity and artwork coming together to support a world of diversity and creativity.

© 2021 Immediate Productions Limited


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